Shelter cooling

Reliable air conditioning of mobile phone exchanges

The STULZ Telecom line of precision air-conditioning systems keeps the receiving and transmitting stations of mobile phone networks cool, whatever the climate conditions. Compact, sturdy and economical to run, our Telecom line systems work around the clock for many years to ensure the availability of mobile phone technology. The units are plug and play and therefore immediately ready for connection and use.

Wall-Air Evolution

Wall-Air-Evolution units are installed outside the container, making the best possible use of the container space. The units boast Free Cooling and Mixed modes, and therefore achieve savings of up to 84 % on operating costs.

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Tel-Air 2

Tel-Air-2 units are designed for installation in Telecommunication containers and equipment rooms. The air conditioning units are plug and play and immediately ready for connection and use. All Tel-Air-2 units also feature a Mixed mode, which effectively combines Free Cooling with compressor operation, dramatically reducing operating costs.

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Split-Air 3

Split-Air-3 is the space and energy-saving version for the reliable cooling of telecommunication containers. The unit consists of an evaporator and a condenser unit, and is a plug and play design allowing immediate connection and use. The Split-Air-3 features Free Cooling and Mixed modes, and therefore achieves savings of up to 83 % on operating costs.

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To considerably cut the operating costs of base stations, these can be retrofitted with the Free Cooling unit STULZ Free-Air. Free-Air enables you to transform your existing system into an energy efficient solution at low cost. The return on investment for the retrofit is achieved especially quickly in containers where comfort air conditioning units are running 24 hours a day. The units are available in two versions for maximum versatility – FCL-IN for indoor installation and FCL for outdoor installation.

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STULZ Telecom Line Broschuere 1806 EN

Air conditioning for base stationsof cell phone networks



  • SIZE: 7,08 MB


  • DATE: 2018-06-27

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