Data center solutions in Bangladesh

We are the best Data center solutions in Bangladesh. We offer data center solution for you. If you would like to know more details contact us!

Precision Air Conditioner

Brand: STULZ

Country of Origin: Germany

Special Features:

  1. Cooling capacity 18 kW – 240 kW
  2. 7 sizes
  3. 8 cooling systems
  4. EC Technology
  5. Direct and Indirect Free Cooling
  6. All standard refrigerants
  7. Unlimited versatility; wide range of options
  8. Remote Monitoring

Online UPS 

Brand: ABB

Country of Origin: Switzerland

Special Features:

1.High efficiency – Low TCO.

2.True Online Double conversion technology

– Load is protected.

3.DPA Technology for Modular UPS.

4.Unity Input and Output Power factor.

5.IGBT based Rectifier and Inverter – High Availability.

Scalability ( standalone UPS max 5MW & Modular UPS up to 1.5MW ).


Brand: Panasonic

Country of Origin: Japan

Special Features:

1.Maintenance free

2.longest lifetime

3.Higher Efficiency

4.Variable Capacity


Brand: Bruno

Country of Origin: Italy

Special Features:

  1. Capacity: 2 KVA to 2250 KVA
  2. Supper Soundproof canopy
  3. Steel base frame
  4. Vibration dampers
  5. Integrated fuel tank
  6. Residential silencer
  7. Perkins / Cummins / Volvo etc Engine
  8. Stamford / Leroy Semor Alternator
  9. Digital Control panel
  10. Emergency stop button

Remote Monitoring facility

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) 

Brand: ORTEA

Country of Origin: Italy

Special Features:

  1. Product Quality & Efficiency is best
  2. Voltage regulation capacity smooth
  3. Selectable Out put Voltage Admitted over load
  4. Communication System

Static Transfer Switch (STS) 

Brand: Eaton

Country of Origin: USA

Special Features:

  1. Source transfer system.
  2. Dual Input power and single output Power.
  3. Simple and cost-effective Solution.
  4. Digital signal processor-based technology.
  5. Enables maintenance without affecting power to the critical load.
  6. Eliminates fuse replacement with fuse-free, rugged and highly reliable SCR devices.

Isolation Transformer 

Brand: ORTEA

Country of Origin: Italy

Special Features:

  1. Line separation (isolation transformers)
  2. Non-linear load supply (K-rated transformers)
  3. UPS conversion groups
  4. Rectifiers and galvanic industry Solar
  5. General purpose (supply of industrial system

in the tertiary sector, power distribution

for industrial and retail structures, etc.)

Surge Protection Device (SPD) 

Brand: OBO Bettermann

Country of Origin: Germany

Special Features:

  1. Arresting capacity 50 kA 10/350 µs per pole (L-N).
  2. Arresting capacity 125 kA (10/350 µs) per pole (N-PE).
  3. Suitable for any TN or TT system.
  4. Conforms to VDN Directive 2nd Edition 2004.
  5. Protection level < 1.3 kV.
  6. Line follow current quenching 25 kA Ipeak.
  7. lncl. plug caps for identifying the connections.
  8. Encapsulated, non-extinguishing spark gap.

Raised Floor System 

Brand: Mero

Country of Origin: Germany

Special Features:

  1. Fibre-reinforced calcium sulfate Panel Materials
  2. Heavy Load bearing capacity
  3.  Up to 65% perforation per perforated panel
  4. Air flow Adjustable grille
  5. Panel thickness (without covering) : 23 – 39 mm
  6.  Panel surface & bottom: galvanized steel sheet
  7. Pedestal materials: galvanized steel