Air handling

Energy-efficient utilization of the outside air for cooling the IT equipment

The STULZ Air Handling Units are available in many customized versions – from Direct to Indirect Free Cooling.

CyberHandler 2

Far more than just a product, the CyberHandler 2 is a complete solution offering you not only a wide range of cooling capacities from 30 to 520 kW, but also a full range of services such as Life Cycle Cost Calculation, Reverse Osmosis water treatment, Commissioning, Maintenance and Warranty. With a high efficient indirect evaporative Free Cooling design and state-of-the-art components the CyberHandler 2 minimizes the running costs and achieves pPUE values down to 1.02 depending on application and location.

Product information


  1. Internal Mounting
  2. External Mounting


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